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About Us

"Accept the children with reverence, educate them with love, send them forth in freedom.” ~ Rudolf Steiner

Tiger Cubs Preischool was started in 2004 with an intent to provide stress free  learning environment to children in their early years so as to build a strong foundation for their future learning and for their life in whole. 

In times when education was predominantly by rote mechanism and curriculum not based on age appropriateness , we at Tiger Cubs Preischool were one of the pioneers in designing age appropriate curriculum based on fun , curiosity and  understanding and also stressfree. 

We believe children in their early years are like scientists always keen to explore and analyze and invent . In order  to  enhance their innate  learning and exploring  skills our curriculum is enquiry based . We have realised that when children are active participants in the learning process the knowledge they acquire is for life time . 

At Tiger Cubs Preischool  , we aspire for the all-round development of a child by helping them realize their capabilities to their fullest potential. We believe that “correction does much but encouragement does more”

Our children are  independent thinkers  and are  ready to fly in the wide world outside  with inner strength , love , grace and passion.


The pre-school years for a child are the most crucial ones because nature has built the brain in such a way that during the first six years of life it can take in information at an overwhelming rate and without the slightest effort. A child who comes at an early age as small as a few months old is at an advantage as he/she is introduced to a plethora of learning which his/her brain is hungry for. Association with other children not only helps in learning but also developing their social intelligence at an early age. 

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