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2 Years

The children are engaged in  age-appropriate curriculum and holistic development activities . Brain stimulation is at its peak at this age and thus activities that nurture brain development are implemented in age and developmentally appropriate ways through play, language and exploration activities.

Most children are attending school for the first time . So acclimatising them to school environment by developing their social , personal and physical skills through a lot of fun and  group activities.

Children are encouraged to talk more and develop their speech.


A lot of  age appropriate gross and fine motor skill activities are conducted.


It ensures a smooth transition to the more structured and skill-driven learning expectations of the kindergarten year. 


3 Years


Junior K.G.

4 Years

Children are eager to learn and explore in this age .The  curriculum is designed to develop their skills of problem solving, inquiry, investigation, discovery and active hands-on explorations.

It is play based but yet structured including language, math, science , writing , reading and sports. 

It ensures development of academic  and life skills which is the foundation of learning and life in the later years.

Senior K.G.

5 Years



3 Months onwards

A home away from home with lot of after school activities like music , chess , gymnastics , karate , dance , etc.  Excellent facitlities for learning , sleeping , eating , playing for babies , toddlers and all children upto 10-12 years of age . 

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