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Preparing For First Time Schoolers

A Happy Beginning of a School Life

After you have accomplished an all-important job of choosing the right preschool for your child, are you ready for the next tough job? That is, sending your precious one away to school for the very first time! Every year, we see a lot of parents feeling helpless in ‘settling’ their little ones in the school in the first month. They start complaining about the tantrums that they have to face every morning while they get the children ready for school. The endless crying and sobbing breaks even the toughest of us. Many of us do not put a lot of thought into this, but this transition can be planned in such a way that the entire family does not go through the separation anxiety. Here are some tips that you can use a few days before the first day of school.

1. Positive Talk: Generally, your young one has a tendency to listen and believe everything that you do or say, so use this ‘magic trick’ wisely by talking very positively about school and what he or she will be expecting at school. Avoid any negative remarks about the school in front of the child.

2. Story telling and Videos: Use the story telling/video sessions by mentioning a school setting and how the little ones enjoy during the school hours. If possible, visit the school gate a few times to show them the school and create that excitement in their little minds.

3. Role Play: Little children love roleplays, so the family members can play “school” and use it to display the type of routines and activities expected by them. For example, outdoor play area, “tiffin-time” fun with classmates, sharing of books and toys etc.

4. Set up a Routine: A few days before the school starts, set up a routine that a child will have to follow later. Setting up a wake-up time, breakfast, bath time, etc. will help in reducing the stress on the first day of school.

5. Positive Assurance- Assuring them that you are around waiting for them to pick them up after the school and showing up on time to pick them up after the class really helps the kids build trust and confidence in the first few days of school.

6. Relax: Last but not the least, you need to relax and have a lot of trust in this process. Your anxiety and restlessness definitely passes on to the children. So, have faith and let the child blossom at his/her own pace.

This new phase of your life will definitely become easier if you follow the above tips with your children. Remember, each child is unique and will settle in school at her own pace. 


Happy Parenting!


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