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“All Children are born Genius unless we degenius them in their first six years.”

The pre-school years for a child are the most crucial ones because nature has built the brain in such a way that during the first six years of life it can take in information at an overwhelming rate and without the slightest effort.

In the first 2 years of a child’s life 2,50,000 brain cells are being formed every second . So a child’s brain is like a super computer. Bits of information given, create synapses between these cells and help to retain them . If synapses is not created they are lost . So it is said with regards to brain ... “ Use it or lose it”

The human brain is the only container which has the characteristic that the more you put into it the more it will hold.

Researchers have proven that you develop 50% of your learning ability in the first 4 years of your life and you develop the other 30% before you turn 8 years. So after 8 years we are left with only 20% to develop.

We normally focus on the kidney and stomach in first 2 years and ignore the very important brain. Even if we are talking to them many times we feel the child will not understand and so we as adults speak to them in gibberish like calling a sparrow “chiv chiv“or a dog “bhu bhu “. This is what I mean by saying we degenius them in their formative years.

Everyday activities with children can be great ways to create the synapses. For instance showing them different objects that you use with them like spoon, bowl , towel, soap , bucket , toys , etc . It helps them in symbol recognition and distinguishing objects which is the foundation for reading in later stages of their life because after all reading is nothing but symbol recognition and distinction of various characters.

Bathing time can be vocabulary time where you can sing and have fun and also teach the child body parts . For instance “ Lets rub your hands hands hands and lets scrub your legs legs legs, etc.”

Narrate small stories with voice modulation . Sometimes enact some favourite stories of their’s . Do not spoil the fun of stories by adding the moral of the story at the end. The children are very intelligent to infer their own morals.

While doing this activities it is very necessary to understand the age appropriateness of the activity to ensure that in our enthusiasm we are not stressing the child to perform more. Stay tuned to know about age appropriate activities in detail in my next blog.

The genius of a child can be maintained and enhanced with doing lots of age appropriate activities in the years 0 to 6 .

Written by

Reshma Zamindar (Director ,Tiger Cubs Preischool)

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