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Welcome to the new academic year 2022-2023  .  Daycare open from 9A.M. to 7P.M.





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Junior K.G.

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Our Approach

“All Children are born Genius unless we degenius them in their first six years.” 


Like the birds fly in the heavenly skies 

Let the kids wonder about the sunrise 


Wonder what beyond the mountain lies 

Let them be enchanted about butterflies 


Whether there are more stars in the sky 

Or in the night glow worms and fireflies


They will have plenty of innocent queries

Be patient and please don't ever criticize 


Let the kids explore and be surprised 

One's childhood does not return twice

 - Poem by S.T . Zamindar


At Tiger Cubs Preischool, we aspire for the all-round development of a child by helping them realize their capabilities to their fullest potential. 

Our teachers and maids are our foundation. Each teacher is an expert in her craft and above all a very caring person. They have the freedom to be creative and to be unafraid in their enthusiasm. 

Freedom does not mean chaos for we do follow a systematic curriculum. We ensure that the teachers stay abreast of new and changing ideas through workshops, discussions and seminars. Our maids have a very loving and caring attitude which helps us to create a cocooned homely environment for our children wherein they feel comfortable and protected.

What Parents Think

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