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This is the world of  children .  We at Tiger Cubs Preischool  are excited to experience the changes that are happening to our kids. They are extremely joyful, capable and great  thinkers  with good communication skills . They are bold and can speak for themselves. They have a very questioning and passionate mind.  They are delightful to be with  , either as a parent or as a teacher . And in a few years time they will be absolute self starters.

Our Curriculum is based on the creative development of the child’s brain on all the Multiple Centres  of Intelligence  (Howard Gardner) 
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(People Smart) 

Participation in various school events and group learning activities help the children to develop interpersonal skills  which  helps them become good team players  and also empathetic and accommodative towards their peers . 

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(Musical Smart)

Singing , Dancing and  exposure to musical instruments is an integral part of our curriculum.

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 KINESTHETIC  (Body Smart)

Expert sports coach train the children in various sports exposing them to atleast 5 sports every year.  Not only are the children physically fit but also become good team players and enhance their social  and interpersonal skills .

NATURALISTIC :  (Nature Smart)

Nature has intrinsic healing and calming effects. Exposure to nature keeps the children calm, grounded  and humble.  We have a lush green spacious garden  for the children to play.

ABC Cubes


(Word Smart)

We train children in speaking, reading and  writing  using the Phonics method.  Exposure to several  languages  like  English, Hindi, Marathi ,French , German , Japanese, etc is given .

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 (Number Smart)

Math is taught by concrete methods  for good understanding  and  a smooth transition is ensured from concrete to semi abstract and then abstract methods.


Yoga  and meditation activities help them develop an inner connect with themselves.  The school has a very  spacious and green garden  to help the children connect with nature and remain grounded.


(Picture Smart)

A lot of  educational toys like blocks , puzzles help the children develop spatial skills which helps them to map 3D  into 2D , a skill which makes good map readers, architects etc .

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