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Majority of our current staff has been with us since the past 8-10 years and has been taking utmost care of our little ones. Their passion and dedication towards the kids is unparalled. Our teachers are well trained and are equipped with unique skills to provide overall development of the child. Our caretakers (Tais’ and Moushis’) create a warm and happy environment for children a home away from home!

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Meet Our Principal

Mrs. Reshma Zamindar

A post graduate in computer management, she has worked in the IT training sector for 13 years.

Passion for children brought her to Early Childhood Education Field in the year 2004. She was especially interested in studying how a child’s early foundation years can be engaged in the most fruitful ways.

She founded TIGER CUBS PRESCHOOL which is engaged in educating and stimulating a child’s brain in its first six years. Her endeavour is to give a stress free and fun filled stimulating environment to a child right from the age of 3 months onwards.

She is also a NLP-K practitioner and is passionate about training parents in skills which will help them be better parents and interact with their children very effectively and positively. She is also a certified Nutrition Advisor and guides parents on proper nutrition for their families. Currently she is also a committee member of Early Childhood Association, PCMC chapter.



Nutan Gala


Nutan is the vice principal at Tigercubs and has been working here for 16 years. She is an excellent teacher and excels in leadership and drama skills.


Kshipra Taide


Kshipra has been working at Tigercubs as a nursery teacher for the last 6 years. She is an excellent teacher and also excels in dance and choreography.


Megha Bhatt

School Co-ordinator

Megha has been working at Tigercubs for 9 years. She is the school coordinator as well as an excellent teacher and excels in art and craft, networking skills and creative ways of teaching.


Smital Kharul


Smital has been working with Tigercubs for 8 years. She is an excellent teacher and has great skills to work with children and get them do things in a systematic way.


Pooja Thacker

Master Trainer

Pooja has been working with Tigercubs for 10 years. She is a master trainer and also an excellent teacher herself. She is an excellent phonics teacher.


Asmita Sasawade 


Asmita has been working with TC for 8 years. She is an excellent teacher and is very loving and patient.


Rutuja Girkar


Rutuja has been working with Tigercubs for 9 years. She is an excellent teacher and is very loving and caring.


Arushi Dandekar

Music Teacher

Arushi has been with Tigercubs for the last 6 years. She is our beloved music teacher who is a favorite of all our children. She carries out her work in the most innovative and engaging way. Her passion and dedication make her a popular team member at the school.


Harshada Mardikar


Harshada has been working with Tigercubs for 7 years. She is an excellent teacher and is very creative in her ways of teaching.

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Nishita Zamindar


Nishita is a special educator and counsellor taking care of any special need’s children at Tiger Cubs. She also runs her own academy RISE to take one on one remedial sessions for special children.

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