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Meet the Team

Dedicated & Loving

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Reshma Zamindar


A post graduate in computer management , she has worked in the IT training sector for 13 years .

Passion for children  brought  her to Early Childhood Education Field  in the year 2004.  She was specially interested in studying how a child's early foundation years can be engaged in the most fruitful ways.

 She  founded TIGER CUBS PREI SCHOOL which is engaged in educating and stimulating a child's brain in its first six years . Her  endeavour is  to give a stress free and fun filled stimulating environment to a child right from the age of 3 months onwards. 

She is also a NLP-K practitioner and is passionate about training parents in skills which will help them be better parents  and interact with their children  very effectively and positively.  She is also a certified Nutrition Advisor and guides  parents  on proper nutrition for their families.

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Nutan Gala


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Megha Bhatt

School Co-ordinator

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Pooja Thacker

Master Trainer

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Rutuja Girkar


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Smital Kharul


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Arushi Dandekar

Music Teacher

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Harshada Mardikar


Our Loving And Dedicated Tais and Maushis

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