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tigercubs legacy

Tiger Cubs Prei School started in 2004 by "Mrs. Reshma Zamindar" with a vision to start an early learning center for kids as young as 3 months old up to 6 years of age as these are the formative years and the maximum capacity of the brain to create learning experiences is in these years. Our teachers are passionate about creatively engaging children so as to develop all the intelligent centres of their brain.

At Tiger Cubs Prei School we provide stress free learning environment to children in their early years so as to build a strong foundation for their future learning and for their life in whole. In times when education was predominantly by rote mechanism, we at Tiger Cubs Prei School were one of the pioneers in designing age appropriate curriculum based on fun, curiosity and understanding.

We aspire for the all-round development of a child by helping them realize their capabilities to their fullest potential. Our children are independent thinkers and are ready to fly in the wide world outside with inner strength, love, grace and passion.

Our Mission & Vision

At Tigercubs Preschool Wakad, we are committed to providing the best possible early childhood education and care for young children. Our mission is to create a nurturing and supportive environment where children can learn and grow, while having fun and building lifelong friendships.

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our vision

Tiger Cubs Prei school will be known as a  nationally acclaimed early childhood program specializing in building a strong foundation of children in the formative years for all future learning.

our mission

Imparting all round education to children in their formative years considering their uniqueness and enriching the learning journey with fun and understanding through combined efforts of the 2 pillars of a child – “Parents and Teachers”.


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