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School Events, Why are they important?

School events are a big deal in the life of a child. Some of our fondest memories as adults are of school picnics, sports days and annual functions. While being fun and providing a much-needed break from academics and the business of learning, school events offer many more advantages that may not be immediately evident. TigerCubs preischool recently wrapped up its annual concert and while the event was a roaring success in itself, this post will talk about other benefits of such events. It is a well-known and universally accepted fact that children are impressionable and essentially like intellectual sponges. But even among children, the age group of children that TigerCubs caters to is even more receptive and open. It is therefore the school’s duty to nurture children’s natural curiosity, develop it, and prepare them for the journey called life. Tiger Cubs takes this responsibility very seriously and therefore every day and every class is an opportunity. A school event is just one more great opportunity for children to learn skills that will help them build an enriching life.

  • Emotional Intelligence: Experts on education contend that social gatherings and events help build social skills and empathy. Tiger Cubs events are testimony to this claim as children at a very young age have to coordinate their movements, dialogues, and actions with other children. While teachers do help with this process, the final product depends on how well the children are able to work with each other. The children of Tiger Cubs have time and again performed beyond their years, demonstrating exemplary maturity on stage. This is through repeated group activities that Tiger Cubs encourages throughout the academic year which culminates in an annual concert. The bottom line is that such events are not just an end in themselves, but prepare children for future social interactions and group activities.

The lighting of Lamp to Declare Concert Commencement

  • Developing Public Speaking and Creative Skills: One major aspect in which the children of Tiger Cubs stand out, is their ability to effortlessly navigate stage performances. Be it dancing, acting, or speaking to the audience, it appears that the Tiger Cubs students can ace it all! This is a big achievement for children of such a young age, but it also implies that at the very least children derive confidence and self-esteem from this ability, which will go on to shape their future lives. If developed further this ability can be developed over time for children to consider and pursue careers in art, music, theatre and so on. To have such encouragement and investment in such pursuits from the school is a huge bonus indeed.

  • Break from Academics: This is the most obvious importance of social events at school. However, what isn’t as obvious is the fact that breaks are an integral part of increasing children’s productivity and creative instincts. How do you ask? Far from implying complete disengagement from school work, breaks help children recharge their batteries and give them space to think of other ways to learn and interact with their peers. Tiger Cubs has noticed this about many of their students. While preparing for such events, students demonstrate their understanding and grasp of different ideas, they are also able to interact with each other freely and exchange ideas (in their own special, childlike ways). On the flip side, children who are unable to demonstrate such a grasp can receive the attention they need, not only for the event itself but otherwise as well.

Children and Faculty in Some Lighter Moments

  • Developing Cultural and Social Sensibilities: Annual events are a great way of learning about local and global cultures in real time and not simply through books. For instance, this year’s theme for the annual concert was “75 years of Independence.” The different items, therefore, depicted major national milestones in the seven and half decades since India won independence. The children learned aspects of their history at a very young age not through books but through actual enactment and role-playing. Children are much more likely to retain the knowledge of their history and culture when taught and received in these ways. It is also a precious way of honoring one’s legacy and national heritage. As part of this overarching theme, students enacted events such as the development of science, liberal reforms, victories in the Kargil battlefield and on the cricket pitch, recognition of Indian music at an international level with the song “Jai Ho” receiving the academy award and Indian women being crowned Miss Universe and Miss World multiple times.

The Doting Audience

  • Building Relationships: Social Events are a great opportunity for children to develop relationships not only with their peers but also with their teachers. The space created through practice and rehearsal sessions gives children a chance to work closely and in a completely different avatar with teachers and classmates. Tiger Cubs faculty and principal, Ms. Reshma Zamindar have consistently asserted this. Tiger Cubs preischool has repeatedly emphasised that interactive and activity learning is the best way and school events are an important means of learning. Learning not only about cultural and historical aspects but also skills such as negotiation, coordination, memory and recall (the children have to remember complex dialogues, dance steps, etc.), empathy towards classmates and most communication. Skills for which corporate agencies pay handsomely.

Vignettes from the Concert – Onstage and backstage

The Creative and Talented Bunch of Teachers and the Force Behind it All

It becomes clear that not just a means of entertainment or breaks from education, school events are an efficient and more importantly fun way of building children’s repertoire of skills and knowledge so that they become successful and effective leaders in the future.


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